Every 3-4 weeks SBPLGC sponsors the roving team game in between our regular tournaments.  These are smaller events (mini tmts) played in a 4-5 player team format for green fees plus a small buy in (all paid at the course) where you get to play with a variety of different members. Teams are set randomly for fairness and variety. We play courses all over the greater LA area usually 3-5 tee times in the 8am - 9am range, mostly on Saturdays but also some on Sundays.  These are also open to guests and non members with official indexes from recognized area clubs.  If you want to receive these invitations and consider playing at times with no obligation, we have a totally separate email tree for this from the regular club emails that all members automatically receive.  Generally each date is announced 2-3 weeks in advance and it's first come, first serve, with the deadline 5-7 days prior to the event.  If you want to be added to these special emails, just send your request to sbplgc@earthlink.net.

Here is how the primary format used in the  roving team game works - its a team skins game and no one wins much or loses much but its a lot of fun!!

  • Everyone will get out fast as there is just one read of cards at the end that involves all teams collectively – allows more players to participate but less time and complexity
  • Eliminates the former draft but still lots of variety in terms of who plays with who via blind draw formation of teams
  • Preserves the incorporation of both gross and net play but all players will be playing the net portion at current course handicaps - Mid/high handicap players all have an equal chance to win and become just as important to the team as lower indexed players
  • Allows more variety in tees and now in virtually every case the higher handicap players will play white tees regardless of age (more enjoyable and skill appropriate)
  • All players will be of potentially equal value to their teams via current handicaps, thus eliminating the need to draft.  All team players have the same financial outcome as it’s a true team event.
  • Retain 2 format versions for alternating variety
  • Lower handicap players as in the past are selected as captains
  • Then the teams as well as the order of tee times are filled via blind draws in advance.  If someone really needs to be first off or last off due to their schedules, we can accommodate.  The blind draw is via groupings of similar handicaps so the teams are as balanced in terms of handicap variety as possible
  • Each captain will get a scorecard with team members and dots based on current course handicaps
  • The captain records the gross scores of each team player on each hole
  • Then there will be one OR two team score lines based on the format.  In both cases, the team skins competition is based on first the one LOW GROSS ball on each hole; and then second the one LOW NET ball on each hole (2 different players scores count on each hole):
1+1 Format – the team line is the AGGREGATE of the low gross ball and the low net ball
1&1 Format – there are two team lines one for the low gross ball and one for the low net ball
  • Once all groups are in, there is one read through of cards for TEAM SKINS among all the teams.  A team skin is won when a team beats ever other team on the team score line(s) for any given hole.  The teams get paid based on team skins won and the winnings are split evenly within the team.
  • Prior to tee off, each player pays the coordinator $15 as the buy in to the team skins game.  This money goes into the team skins pot.  At the end, the pot is divided up and paid out based on the total pot divided by the number of skins to determine the value of each team skin.  Each captain is paid for their team skins and then in turn distributes back proportionately to the individual team players.  In virtually all cases, every team should win some team skins so have money coming back. If no skins are won, the net effect is that each player gets his $15 back.  At the same time in the remote case if a team wins no skins, the maximum loss exposure is the $15 invested by each player.
  • Players may also optionally buy into CTP on the par 3’s for $5 each, the exact same as now.
  • From time to time based on interest, we may also as a supplement offer individual skins with the assistance adjustments based on handicap indexes and/or Dale’s  animal game. This new team skins format is meant as something new and equitable for players of all skill ranges and to add some variety, and to be something simpler and faster for larger groups of players (ie. 4+ groups).
  • Teams of 4 and 5 exist – all play will be converted to base 5.   For the teams of 4 players, the 3 non captain players shall rotate in whatever recurring sequence the captain selects so that one player’s score is applicable TWICE for selection on each hole.  Note keep the same sequence over the full round and this results in these 3 players each double counting 6 times via the same pattern over the 18 hole round. Thus its 5 vs 5.
  • Teams of 3 and 4 exist – all play will be converted to base 4.  For teams of 3 players, the 2 non captain players shall alternate in whichever odd/even sequence the captain determines so that one player’s score is applicable TWICE for selection on each hole.  Thus its 4 vs 4.
  • Such players may participate as 5th player markers on a space available basis and may enter CTP. Due to historical difficulties, no non indexed players will be able to play in the main format with estimated handicaps.

  • Putts of one foot or less shall be conceded by the captain
  • The captain needs to monitor where the pops fall for all players based on the dots on the card.  If a player is clearly out of the hole and can’t help the team either gross or net, the captain should notify the player that he or she may elect to pick up in the interest of pace – then the most likely score is recorded on that hole for posting purposes.

  • All players must post their own adjusted scores as away/non tournament round.